Mobile POS/Kiosk

White Peaks Technologies Mobile POS/Kiosks are our latest product added to help with Retail, Restaurant, Food Trucks, Pop-up Grills, Ski Shows and more! You can turn any Android Tablet into either an employee manned Point of Sale or a Customer facing Kiosk. Customers can easily choose the items they want to order and pay with credit, gift, or season pass accounts. Food orders can be send to our existing food queue system that notifies customers when their orders are complete via text and email.

Demo Programs

Take a look at some of the online demo programs/examples below.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us to schedule a demo of any of our additional products.

TeeSheet Online Res

Select the date and time range to see open Tee Times. Click Reserve Button to make the Reservation.

POS Online Store

Add items to your cart by using the upper-right links. Then provide your Billing information to checkout.

Time Tracking System

Use the bottom Login buttons to login as an employee, manager, or payroll admin and make changes.

Electronic Waivers

Allow guests to sign electronic forms/waivers and have them link to passholders, orders, and more! Streamline your lift lines with the ability to have rental forms, release of liablities, and more pre-filled out and identified on your point of sale!